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The only forest lodge at Xe Pian National Park

  • In 2021, the Lao Government moved all the Ban Kiet Ngong elephants to Vat Chomphet, approximately 7 kilometres north of Pakse Town. We have no information as to when/if they will be back.

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Welcome to Champasak Province, Charming by Nature, the southern-most province of Laos, a place also known as the “Emerald Triangle” being the crossroad between Viet Nam, Thailand and Cambodia, the latest travel destination in Indochina where it is still possible to see and feel the genuine local lifestyle and natural beauty of this enigmatic Country.

Kingfisher Ecolodge provides guests with a comfortable, intimate experience within exotic nature in a special environment facilitated by our unique location adjacent to the Beung Kiat Ngong Wetlands and the Xe Pian Natural Protected Area.

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Charming by Nature

There are only a few places left in the region where you really can get away from it all and become one with the local environment. At Kingfisher, we go to great lengths to ensure that you have time to fully immerse your yourself in the tranquillity of the nature that surrounds you, whether that is hiking up a mountain or through the jungle to see ancient ruins, cycling through local villages, taking a local dug out on to the wetlands or simply sitting back on your balcony and enjoying the peace and quiet. We invite you to come and join us.

Kingfisher Rooms

Our bungalows have an unrivaled view of the unique Ramsar protected Kiet Ngong wetlands that border the property. You can get the full view of the wetlands from the comfort of your own private room. We have two types of rooms available – Deluxe Bungalow and Comfort Bungalow.

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Champasak Activities

Southern Laos and Champasak are worth a week of anyone’s time, there is so much to see.

Our beautiful lodge is well situated to be a base for much of your visit to the highlights of Southern Laos. Our team are on hand to assist you in facilitating your travel plans. Southern Laos is an area of natural beauty and history. Champasak itself was a key part of the Khmer Empire for a time and the magical Wat Phu stands as a reminder of those times. Champasak itself is a pretty little town with a French colonial façade along the banks of the Mekong River, perfect for a day’s cycling and easily reachable from the lodge by way of rustic river ferry.

Further south, the 4000 islands are a must on anyone’s itinerary, these idyllic series of islands and waterfalls make for a great place to relax and watch the river flow by. Take a boat trip around the islands or to see the rare Mekong dolphins that inhabit the muddy waters.

The Bolevan plateau has a wealth of activities including zip lining, and waterfalls as well as minority villages and coffee, the cooler climate gives for an interesting experience for a region that is mostly hot. Pakse city is the regional hub, with the largest market in Laos PDR, it still has a very small town feel with a rustic French quarter, located on the confluence of the Se and Mekong Rivers. It’s a great place to spend some time exploring on foot. Our knowledgeable team are on hand to assist with your travel plans so you make the best of your time here in the south.


Kingfisher Services

If sitting in an idyllic location overlooking the wet plains and seeing some stunning wildlife isn’t enough, then we also have a swimming pool, a restaurant serving international-standard cuisine and a lot more.

Have Questions?

Kingfisher Ecolodge are here to answer all your questions. We do often get commonly asked questions, so take a look below and see if we have an answer for your questions. If not, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

We are located 60kms from Pakse heading south down Highway 13. If you have your own transport, from the junction at Thang Baeng (km 48) you must follow RN18A (heading to Attapeu Province) for about 8km, then turn right at some large signboard for the last 2 km to reach Ban Kiat Ngong and ultimately Kingfisher Ecolodge.

For those of you looking for a little more adventure, a cheaper solution is also at hand. It is possible to hire a tuk tuk or Songthaew from a local driver who will be able to bring you to the Lodge.

If you would like to use public transport, local buses (open truck with rear benches, also called Songthaew) run daily between Pakse’s Southern bus station (Lak Pet Station) and Kiat Ngong, usually departure time is around 12:00pm but the service can be unreliable so expect delays.

You can also catch one of the many buses, which travel down RN13 to Don Khong district and hop off at the junction with RN18A at Km 48 (Lak see-sip pet) in Thang Baeng Village, although it may be difficult to find a transport option to Kingfisher.

For any assistance or advice in getting to Kingfisher, please contact us via phone or better still by email and our team will be more than happy to assist you in your travel plans.

We charge 70$ per minivan transfer that can fit up to 9 people depending on luggage, this cost can be split between passengers.

We have a beautifully situated swimming pool 7m x 10m, we have great views of the Kiet Ngong Wetlands, a great place to spend an afternoon relaxing

Our brand new Deluxe Bungalows come with air conditioning and additional amenities.

We do have a credit card payment system and you are welcome to pay with international standard cards such as Visa and Mastercard. In case of a rare power cut we always advise you bring enough cash to support your stay in this relatively remote location.

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