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Family Room

Our architecturally unique house offers a modern twist on traditional building techniques and materials, creating the perfect balance of artistry and nature. Design visionary Vincent Fischer Zernin brings his stylish vision to life in eachstilted dwelling – providing an exquisite backdrop for you to explore this stunning paradise.

The house offers spectacular views of the picturesque wetlands that skirt the property, illuminated by a generous influx of natural light from extensive glass-fronted windows.

Unwind in luxurious comfort as you experience a brilliant sunrise over the calming wetlands and misty forest beyond. This house offers guests an inviting atmosphere with plush double beds, plus hot water supplied through our solar panel heating system for total relaxation.

Room Features

Room Size


Room Setup

2 Rooms & 3 Double Beds


Up to Eight

Large Balcony

with View


Experience the beauty of nature like never before with a stay in an exclusive Family room. The house offers breathtaking views over Kiet Ngong wetlands, which are recognized by Ramsar as being ecologically significant and irreplaceable. Enjoy light-filled rooms that have been crafted entirely from glass to bring you even closer to your natural surroundings!

From the comfort of their bed, guests are treated to a breathtaking sight – an uninterrupted view as the golden rays of morning sunlight stretch over tranquil wetlands and fog-covered forests. Experience unparalleled serenity with this majestic sunrise scene!

Escape to the relaxation of this private balcony and experience a peaceful getaway. From here, you can unwind with your favorite book or local coffee while watching fishermen traverse the stunning wetland expanse and buffalo grazing lush grasslands below.

King Fisher Eco Lodge Family Room

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